Bananana effects Tararira Arpeggiator Pitch Shifter

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Fabriquée au Japon et compatible avec tout type d'instrument, la BANANANA EFFECTS Tararira Arpeggiator Pitch Shifter est un arpégiateur programmable sophistiqué mais néanmoins intuitif.
It has been equipped with an 8-step sequencer with simple operations that you can easily edit the sequence.
This pedal has 27 scales with 3 editable scales that can be configured by the user.
It has 8 different effect modes that are capable of create everything from practical to experimental sounds.
Its 9 sequence effects are also useful for tricky performances.
You can save up to 9 favorite presets and switch between them seamlessly.
As this pedal is basically a pitch-shifter, it fits all kinds of musical instruments and microphone inputs.
You can save up to 3 patches in each of the 3 banks for a total of 9 preset slots. The saved presets can be loaded at any time.
You can also switch between saved presets seamlessly with just the foot switch during your performance. By holding the TAP switch for over 1 second, you will enter Quick Change mode. If you release the switch before the bar is gone, a Change Mode dialog will be displayed that allows you to switch to a different preset by pressing the assigned foot switch.
The sequence control effects allow you to play more tricky performances. You can assign your favorite effects from 9 different kinds of effects to the switch.
The Touch Key is a capacitive touch keyboard. By touching any of the 8 dots, you can instantly play their respective pitches. This action overrides the effects of the sequence,
so you can use it to make your performance more flexible by sustaining a particular pitch or inserting an ad lib phrase.

- BANANANA EFFECTS Tararira Arpeggiator Pitch Shifter
- SKU Bananana Effects TARARIRA
- Arpégiateur programmable
- 2022
- 8x modes : Normal, Organ, Hold, Sine, Sine Hold, Glitch, Toybox, Square
- 9x presets embarqués éditables
- Contrôles : voir images
- Connectique : voir images
- Buffered bypass
- Alimentation via adaptateur optionnel 9VDC (centre négatif)
- Cons. 150 mA
- 145 x 121 x 55 mm
- 490 g
- Manuel anglais :
- Ref. Euroguitar : 102615
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